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Why Small Plates and Portions Are In

Let’s face it.  We all remember a time when plates were bigger.  Plates?  Yes, chances are you have been to a restaurant in the last month that featured a plate no bigger than a saucer.  And it had food on it.  The food portions have shrunk in the name of the small plate craze.  Gone […]

Exploring Fast Food Across Cultures

As a chain restaurant expands to different cultures, it will have to adapt to the local tastes. In India, where most hindus avoid eating beef, McDonald’s made a Big Mac using chicken meat, renaming it the “Chicken Maharaja Mac.” It was successful. Meanwhile, in Mexico, where Mexicans are surrounded by traditional dishes, Taco Bell has […]

Best French Fries in Palm Springs- With Bevans Branham

Seriously, we all know that french fries aren’t the best for you, right? But I say, “tell somebody who care” – some things are just worth the indulgence and french fries are in that category. Our friends over at Palm Springs Life had a recent blog post on the best fries in Palm Springs and […]

California Coming Up Strong In Zagat’s List of Romantic Restaurants

Restaurant Recommendations for Valentine’s Day by Bevans Branham Bevans Branham here, and just in case you haven’t realized it yet (or your significant other hasn’t hinted it to you quite yet) Valentine’s day is just around the corner.  I was reading through one of the Zagat Blog’s latest articles on the 10 must-visit romantic restaurants around […]

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